HARDWORKING, GROUNDED, practical, loyal

Deep Reds are grounded, living a powerful and intense life, shaping physical reality as they know it.

Social: Conservative, easily accepting the rules and norms of society.

Career: Hardworking, always integrating perseverance and stamina.

A force to be reckoned with, deep reds have a zest for life and the grounded nature to turn their dreams into reality. They are deeply in touch with their physical reality, be it feats of athleticism or a strong sense of kinetic learning. They believe so much in what they do and work so hard, they are often at risk for excessive stress. Deep reds may be a bit shy or conservative in new situations, but once you join their trusted inner circle, you’ll find yourself with a fiercely loyal friend for life.



Reds live life in the here and now with strength, courage and confidence.

Social: Radiates an aura of attraction around themselves.

Career: Virtually impossible to stop when they have decided on a certain goal.

Deeply connected to the physical realities of life, red auras live life to the fullest and are never afraid of a worthy challenge. Many find their bliss in exercise, athletics, dance, or yoga, and they feel a communion between their movement and the divine. These are the impassioned leaders who are bold enough to make effective change, and are driven by success. They’re passionate, strong and love to be the center of their friend groups.


ADVENTUROUS, CREATIVE, confident, curious

Oranges are the creative adventurers in the color spectrum.

Social: Lives in their own world of adventure, thrill and excitement.

Career: Independent & self-sufficient, prefers to have their own business/freelance rather than long term commitments.

Orange auras love the thrill of being alive. They’re natural thrill-seekers, adventurers and, daresay, daredevils. They love the freedom to explore and test the limits of the world around them. These happy individuals are extremely creative with a desire to succeed while having fun along the way. Almost nomadic at heart, orange auras don’t like to be tied down and instead find their bliss in freelance or short-term endeavors. They find great joy in the comedy of life, and it’s a rarity to catch them without a smile on their face.



DETERMINED, GROUNDED, logical, analytical

Orange-Yellows are clear intellectuals, always embracing logic and methodology

Social: Loves to share and support their communities and peers.

Career: Prefer job security, utilizing analytical thinking to succeed.

This aura indicates an eye for fine-tuned details, meaning that often times they are the perfectionists and over-achievers we all know and love. They’re often drawn to scientific or intellectual endeavors, and have beautifully analytical minds. They love to uplift those around them, and are forever marked by their good nature. Yellow-orange auras are creative, undeniably intelligent and are willing to use their methodical, brilliant minds to help those in need.



Yellows are the brightest and happiest personalities in the color spectrum

Social: Communicates openly with others and loves to bring people together.

Career: Great at starting projects and keeping others enthusiastic leading by example.

Full of joy and generosity, yellow auras the the bright spot of every group they join. These free-spirited individuals often have a reputation for being fun-loving and carefree, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fiercely loyal to those they love. They’re eternally optimistic and cheerful, which also lends to their smooth communication skills. While they often tend to be over-critical of themselves, there’s no denying yellow auras’ intelligence, enthusiasm and undeniable joie de vivre.


PROTECTOR, CARING, emphatic, giving

Blues are the most caring, nurturing and protective personalities

Social: Very social, always concerned about the needs of others.

Career: Loves to be of service and are great listeners.

Blue auras are filled to the brim with love, and their mission in life is to give love and also to receive it. These individuals are highly intuitive and emotionally intelligent, and others often turn to them for emotional support or guidance. Often times, they’re drawn to vocations or hobbies that see them act as a counselor, teacher or healer. They feel everything deeply, good and bad, and sometimes have a hard time getting past their own emotions. However, it’s the deep emotion and love in their hearts that makes them such beautiful souls and cherished friends.



Greens are natural communicators, relating to almost all personality types

Social: Expressive personalities. Loves sharing life experiences.

Career: Quick-minded and innovative, and able to see the big picture.

A green aura tells of incredible intelligence, power and communication skills. It’s no wonder these people are often successful in their careers or business owners. They’re gifted communicators with the rare ability to turn ideas into reality. They’re highly competitive and love a challenge, which also means they don’t like taking orders. They are hungry for knowledge and growth, and seek to achieve and become all they can be in this lifetime.


AMBITIOUS, GOAL-ORIENTED, intelligent, strong

Deep-Greens possess the ambition to achieve their goals, utilizing their quick and competitive minds

Social: Social personalities who know exactly what they want.

Career: Career-conscious and entrepreneurial, drawn to high level ventures.

Those with a deep green aura always see the end goal, and are strategizing how to achieve it. These are the thinkers and leaders that run companies and great organizations. They often have more than one task going on at a time, and it’s important for them to celebrate completed tasks instead of derail themselves over unfinished ones. When deep green auras learn to harness their power in conjunction with their inherent intelligence, there’s no stopping them. Driven, achievement-oriented and strong are all buzz words for these folks.


AWARE, INDEPENDENT, spiritual, high eq

Indigos have an inherent understanding and awareness of the universe

Social: Selective of their friends, whom they truly trust.

Career: Honest and friendly attitude leads to many business and creative opportunities.

Fiercely independent and wise, those with an indigo aura are often thought of as old souls with deeply charismatic personalities. They’re honest and forthright, and just because they’re happy being independent doesn’t mean they’re not sensitive. These are beautiful souls who more often than not have psychic abilities and a deep connection to the universe. Indigo auras are visionaries in their own right, with all the good will, compassion and spiritual attunement to change the world just by being themselves.


CHARISMATIC, VISIONARY, intuitive, artistic

Violets are the future-forward thinkers of the color spectrum

Social: Few deep and meaningful relationships. Shies away from superficial.

Career: Charismatic leaders for humanitarian projects.

Often called old souls, violet auras possess the inherent wisdom to understand the world and ultimately change it for the better. These are the visionaries among us who feel the calling in their life to go above and beyond to be of service to humanity. They’re highly intuitive and adopt a mantra of quality over quantity when it comes to close friends. They love to travel and explore, and are willing to be completely selfless in order to bring about a better world for future generations.


ENCHANTING, IDEALISTIC, mystical, dreamer

Lavenders live in a world of imagination and possibilities

Social: Friends love being around their irresistible charm.

Career: Free-spirited artists who love to explore their imagination.

These are the dreamers and creatives among us who often create entire fantasy worlds in their heads. The see an idealized version of the world, and often become the storytellers of their generation. As creative thinkers with highly developed imaginations, they often have a difficult time relating to the physical world, meaning they’re often late or struggle with spatial reasoning. However, they’re so irresistibly charming, charismatic and beautifully free-spirited, it’s impossible to be frustrated with them.



Whites are closest to the Divine and reflect on their connection to the universe

Social: Very cautious and careful in choosing their friends.

Career: Focused on healing work with little care for finances.

A rare and beautiful variety, white auras have a purity of heart that allows them to connect to the spiritual world on a higher level. One might even argue that they have a special communion with the divine. This can manifest in many different ways, from being highly intuitive and lucky to being emotionally intelligent and supportive of loved ones. Because of their pure nature and psychic abilities, they easily pick up on other’s vibes and therefore are highly selective when choosing the people in their lives. They’re often drawn to wellness and healing, and transcend the mundane elements of the world.